Who is eligible to participate in the Show Her Love Tournament 2024?

The Show Her Love Tournament 2024 welcomes the participation of women from the basketball community. Female players of all skill levels/experience are welcome to form a team and register.


Is there a registration fee for the tournament?

No, participation in this tournament is free of charge.


What is the allowed number of players for our team’s roster?

Each team is permitted to include a roster of a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 10 players.


Is there a specific age requirement for participation?

No, there is no age limit for the tournament, and there is also no minimum age requirement. All ages are welcome to participate (players under 18 years old will be required to submit a waiver and be accompanied by a guardian at all times).


Is it mandatory to have a team coach for the tournament?

Having a coach is optional, but each team is required to nominate a team captain and co-captain.


Are jerseys provided for the tournament?

Reversible jersey tops will be provided during the elimination rounds. Participants are required to wear plain black jersey shorts. A new set of kits will be provided to teams advancing to the semifinals on March 23, 2024.


Are food and drinks provided at the event?

Hydration stations will be available at the venue, so kindly bring your own water jugs. While food will not be provided, there are convenient options nearby, including food stalls and restaurants.


What set of rules will the tournament adhere to?

The Show Her Love tournament will mostly follow FIBA rules, with exceptions stated below.


For other questions, who can we contact?
You may send your questions to community@titan22.com.





•     Elimination round: March 9 and 10, 2024
Day 1 = 24 teams
Top 2 teams each bracket will proceed to day 2

Day 2 = 16 teams
Top 4 teams will proceed to March 23, 2024


All FIBA rules apply, except for the following:


1.     In each game, there will be two(2) 10-minute halves. Both halves will be running time EXCEPT for the last 2 minutes of the 2nd half.

2.     The clock will stop only during timeouts and free-throws.

3.     There will be one (1) timeout per team for each half (30 seconds).
        Unused timeouts in the first half ARE CARRIED OVER to the second half.

a.     One additional timeout per team for overtime (no

b.     In the event that the score is tied at the end of regulation:
Overtime: Golden basket. Beginning with a jump ball, the first team to score (field goal or free-throw), wins.

4.     Team Standings:

a.     In case of a tie between two teams, the winner between the match of the two teams will get the higher standing.

b.     In case of a 3-way tie in the standings, the quotient of the
scores of the games between the three teams will be used. This is computed as:

Points For        = Quotient

Points Against

c.     In case of a tie in the initial quotient calculation, the overall
scores will be used:

Overall Points For         = Quotient 2
Overall Points Against

5.     Penalty

5 team fouls per half (carried over into overtime)

6.     Ejection (Players)

a.     Unsportsmanlike foul

i. Throughout entire tournament

2nd instance – 1 game suspension

3rd instance – tournament ejection

b.     Disqualifying foul (straight ejection)

i.     Direct tournament ejection

7.     Technical Fouls (Coaches)

a.     Throughout the entire tournament

i.     1st instance – warning

ii.   2nd instance – 1 game suspension

iii.   3rd instance – tournament ejection

8.     Teams are given a 5-minute defaulting time to be at their assigned court. The schedule will be strictly followed..

9.   Only one head coach will be allowed to sit on the team bench.

10.   A team that has a player proven to falsify documents or information will forfeit all their games.

11.   No protests regarding judgment calls will be entertained. Referees’ decisions are final. Cameras or other recording devices may not be used to support protests.



Reminders for confirmed teams:

1.     Call time for all teams is 30 mins before your first game.

2.     No player without a submitted TITAN WAIVER will be allowed to play.

3.     All players are encouraged to bring towels, own hydration, and inner compression or cycling shorts. Jersey tops will be provided. Plain black jersey shorts are required.

4.   Seats for companions are not guaranteed as the venue is on a free-seating set up.

5.   In the event of force majeure, final decisions on roster changes will be made under the TITAN team’s sole discretion.

6.   In line with safety standards, standard health protocols will still be enforced in the venue throughout the duration of the event (i.e. wearing of face masks are encouraged).

7.     TITAN reserves the right to disqualify any player or team proven to be cheating within the event.

8.   TITAN reserves the right to maintain order and safety within the event venue which includes, but is not limited to: removing players, coaches, or guests from the event vicinity.

9.   All player names submitted are considered FINAL. It is the responsibility of each team to ensure the availability of all listed players on March 9, 10, & 23. Please note that player substitutions will not be allowed.

10.   Any other questions or clarifications, please email community@titan22.com.

11.   All visitors who enter the venue (The Courtyard) must check in through their Nike ID via the Nike App. Minors will need to have a waiver (signed by their parent/guardian) at the venue.


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