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Returns & Exchange Policy For TITAN Toys & Figurines


After-sales service Period

For defective products purchased from TITAN, please contact Customer Service at customerservice@titan22.com within seven (7) working days from the date of purchase or delivery.

To avoid any disputes in returns or exchanges requests, customers are encouraged to video record themselves opening the item. The shipping sheet and the packaging should be clearly seen in that video.

All items bought through any TITAN Retail store must be inspected before purchase by the customer. Once the item has been thoroughly inspected and subsequently purchased, the customer may no longer request to have the item exchanged, returned or refunded.

All returns and exchanges are subject to the approval of TITAN.

In accordance with the DTI and The Consumer Act of the Philippines, “once a sale is done and the product has no defect, one cannot return the goods nor ask for a refund.”




All TITAN Toys and figurines are art toys limited by existing technology and handmade participation in craft production.

Minor defects such as uneven coloring, slight scratches, paint drops or bubbles are normal; if there are serious defects, you can request for a return and exchange case by emailing customerservice@titan22.com with the related order number and the pictures of the related figure within seven (7) working days after receiving your goods.

Cards & Accessories

If the card or accessories inside the box do not match with the figurine, we will supplement the corresponding card or accessory according to the piece, and the original will be taken back.