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ALL HAIL // Nike LeBron 16 Low x Titan ‘Agimat’

Posted by TITAN on

A mark of a decade-long commitment, a testament to chasing greatness.

To honor LeBron James’ transcendent journey and his undeniable legacy, Nike Basketball and Titan come together to bring the third chapter of the Agimat series.

From defying the odds to taking on new challenges.

From a small hometown to the global stage.

The transformation from Warrior to King.


The LeBron James story, the Titan story, is the story of so many others.


MNL - LeBron James took one look at Manila streets - the courts at each corner, the non-stop sound of dribbling - and he knew he found a basketball home away from home. Here he met a people as committed, as intense as he was about the game and everything it represents. He’s left his mark here forever, and vice versa.


LIGHTNING - Centuries of folklore have always pointed to the sky - for guidance, for refuge, for salvation. The most powerful, most forceful response the atmosphere gives as a response? Lightning. Believed to bestow supernatural abilities to those brave and strong enough to receive it, the power of lightning goes only to the worthy, to the Chosen One.


CREST - Endless. Timeless. Every great era in history is marked by a sigil, every Agimat is recognizable by a signature visual cue. Here lies the story of a warrior who ascended to the greatest of heights, a tale of a people - his people - who have followed his lead through every adversity and victory. From one to the other. For one to discover. From man to legend. For Greatness. For Love.


SHIELD - Inspired by the Bagobo tribe’s traditional shield, this represents the completion of the journey from battlefield to throne. The shield is as symbolic to kingship as any seat, any crown. Any warrior can draw a blade to conquer, to defeat. But it is on The King to defend, to protect, to ensure that the entire kingdom is sheltered by his rule, and is safeguarded by his protection.


FLAME - There is an undeniable difference in the passion that LeBron James has for winning, for competing, for battling odds and opponents alike. It’s a trait many Filipinos see in themselves -an incendiary determination to overcome, to defy.