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Posted by TITAN on

With Mamba Day approaching, TITAN is celebrating Kobe Bryant’s life and career through a collection of photos that represent his legacy, influence, and Mamba Mentality.

The influence of Kobe Bryant is found in the details - in everyday scenes big and small, in arenas and in the streets.

His legacy lives with everyone- teammates, coaches, fathers, Mamba-tattooed disciples.

It lives on everyday and in every place you look. #KobeEverywhere.

Whether you see someone wearing his jersey, or you pass by a house with the No. 24, or you spot someone with a Mamba-themed tattoo, there’s always something, someone to remind us of the legacy of Kobe Bryant. Kobe Everywhere.


"Every time I see this numbers on my car’s clock, it's an evocative reminder of Bean. The numbers 8 and 24, the two jersey numbers Kobe donned during his amazing NBA career - they symbolize grit, passion, and relentless drive, which I always adapt to use on my every day life. Those numbers will always be my inspiration to be the best version of myself." - Rome Joseph Cu


"Whenever I throw a small piece of something to the trash bin, I always say: 'Kobe.' It seemed normal back then to all who know who Kobe was, but his name was placed deep down in our lives that when he passed, that's when we knew how it changed a generation of kids - from yelling his name when we throw something to implementing his Mamba Mentality on our daily lives. I decided to have this tattoo which was the last words from his poem 'Dear Basketball' after he passed, to always remember that he will always live in my heart." - Laurence Matthew C. Dela Cruz


"Seriously gazing at something out of the frame, a child in the streets of Tarlac City seems to be determined to get a hold of what she’s looking at. Vision, coupled with determination with action is what Mamba Mentality is all about. No ifs and buts: if you want something, you must do something." - Virginia C. Esplana


"Here's a photo of me and my Gianna (yes, she's named after Kobe's daughter) that we took in our house on August 23rd, last year. We've been recreating this pic annually since August 23, 2019, to celebrate Kobe's birthday and to pay tribute to Kobe's and Gigi's last Slam Magazine photoshoot (Issue number 221). As a #Girldad, I see #KobeEverywhere, especially in my daughter's passion for sports." - Rhodes Rivas


"These are my SLAM Magazines with Kobe on the cover - taken while watching his final game vs Utah where he dropped 60 and won the game. Kobe was my childhood. Watching his highlights was a getaway. He inspired to play and watch the game. Seeing now how he inspired other people like me made me realize how a man with a leather ball in his hands inspired a generation." - Severino Blanco

NO. 24

"When you meet someone for the first time, the number they wear plays a role in what you think about that individual, either consciously or subconsciously." - Carlos Antonio Bufi


"Took this photo in Orion, Bataan. I had a foot injury at the time this photo was taken, but an injury won’t stop me from playing basketball - just like Kobe when he injured his arm. Kobe taught me that despite having an injury, we should keep on practicing even in tough times. Mamba Mentality! - Miggy Facturan


"The photo was taken at my office desk during my morning coffee on August 17, 2020. I posted this on my Instagram on the same day with the caption, 'Mamba Mondays.' My tattoo is a constant reminder to try to be my best version, constantly - everyday and everywhere." - Macnolin Aclan


"This photo was taken in Makati City. As a huge Kobe fan, there’s nothing more I try to embody than his mentality, work ethic, and love for the game. Two years after I tore my achilles on the same leg in the photo, I decided to have my first-ever tattoo. This is literally a constant reminder to myself of his influence and what he’s done on and off the court, wherever I go." - Ralph Dela Cruz


"This is my home in Rizal, Zamboanga del Norte, where I’ve put up a small basketball court imprinted with the Black Mamba’s purple and gold. Kobe is everywhere and, as a fan, I want to continue his legacy. This tiny basketball court in my home welcomes anyone, especially the younger generation who want to play basketball. Just as what the Black Mamba envisioned: to attract and empower the youth in sports." - Kristine Ligan


"My son's first basketball camp. He reminds me of myself, learning in life and my experiences in my younger years. Kobe was an amazing basketball player but, besides that, he was a great father and he inspired me to be one, too." - Oscar Martinez


"This photo was taken merely a day or two after Kobe and Gianna passed. I was a mess, but after seeing the worldwide tributes for Kobe everywhere, I decided to honor him as well by getting a haircut with his logo. So that everywhere I go, people will see Kobe, his legacy, and his lasting impact all there with me." - Jose Bernardo


"On the morning after Kobe’s passing, this was one of the first things I thought of that would make me believe that he was still with us. Whenever I’m struggling to do something, whether work or something else, I just take a peek at my Kobe jersey hanging on the rear of my car and that’s it - Mamba Mentality locked in." - Joseph Bugayong


"This is my first Kobe signature shoe given to me by my late father. The OG Kobe 1 'White Shark.' As a kid who grew up as a huge Kobe fan since Day 1, getting this was a dream come true. This is something that will forever remind me of my heroes. OG is forever undefeated." - Dan Velasquez


"Kobe inspires me to be fearless, even it is scary. I push myself, it's a conscious effort to be out of my comfort zone. We have the same birthday, and somehow that makes me feel connected with him. I may not have a legacy as big as his, but I always try to be the best version of myself." - Christine Guevara


"This was taken during one of our weekly games. I got my Kobes on and have a snake tattoo on my left arm to internalize and eternalize the Mamba Mentality with me both on and off the court." - Jalse Gabriel Balmaceda Jimenez


"Momba Mentality. I see Kobe Eveywhere in my mom through her dedication and effort. She wakes up every morning to prepare our food, making sure we have the energy needed for the day without complaints. My mom's hard work and commitment in ensuring our well-being inspires me to live out Kobe's Mamba Mentality." - Anthony Disonglo


"From an eight-month rest due to heart enlargement back at 2014, this was the time I got the clearance from my doctor that I can play the game I love most again. First thing I did was open my shoe cabinet, got all my Kobe 8 pairs out, cleaned them with excitement so that they will be ready for my return. Never felt more alive and will get to do the moves I try to copy from him and shout everytime: 'Kooobe!'" - Joseph Santos


"Photo was taken months after I have been diagnosed with Scoliosis. I thought this was the end of my basketball career and nearly gave up. But as Kobe said in the background of the picture, 'If you're afraid to fail, then you're probably going to fail.' I prepared to be tough mentally and physically and overcame my fear of playing again. Nothing will stop me from playing the game I grew and love. I hope my condition will be a inspiration for everyone that no matter what disability or condition you may have, still continue to do the things you love - make passion and obsession lead the way." - Mark Geronimo

"Four years ago, this photo was taken in the tiny court by our house. After I finished junior high school, my father got me this pair of shoes. The shoe was designed with Kobe's legacy and achievements, and for me, it sort of mirrored the successes I've also had because this shoe acts as both my prize and a symbol of everything I've accomplished in schooll. I continue to strive for greatness and aspire to create a lasting legacy like Kobe. This pair gives me the drive to do more and inspire others to see the Black Mamba in me." - Jean Correa


"Had a good ball game in Laguna with friends and family one weekend and browsed through a couple of shots I took. I didn't realize I captured a family photo that revealed different emotions from simply playing basketball. The photo and this game show the little things that bring us together, how we played best in life and how we dribble through life’s struggles - like how Kobe surely did." - Chris Tuaño


"The photo was taken during Christmas Eve 2020 when my pair of Kobe 6 Protro 'Grinch' arrived. It’s a reminder to me that life will always favor the persevering. I am a big Kobe fan but I was not fortunate enough to have a chance of owning the original Kobe 6 'Grinch.' However, I always yearned for its return and I was ready when the opportunity for the Protros came around. Kobe didn’t make all of his game-winners but he always shot his shot. Kobe is everywhere and Kobe is within me because I am never afraid of taking my game-winning shot." - Miguel Francisco


"Through all our pursuits, both in and out of school, we're guided by Kobe's lasting impression on Filipino culture. His legacy imbues us with the fierce willpower we need to face any obstacle head-on, and we draw from his tireless drive to achieve new heights of excellence. Whether we're burning the midnight oil or surmounting unforeseen challenges, we embody the Mamba Mentality in all we do. Within each of us as Filipino champions, Kobe's inspiration transcends borders and disciplines, solidifying his legacy. This testament lives not just on the court, but in our pursuit of education, personal growth, or any path we tread." - Jacob Valenzuela


"Kobe Bryant's impact on me was profound. His unyielding work ethic and relentless pursuit of greatness became a beacon of inspiration, pushing me to strive harder in my own pursuits. His Mamba Mentality taught me the importance of dedication and determination. Even though he's no longer with us, his legacy continues to fuel my drive to excel and never give up." - Ralph Ong