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// Customers are encouraged to book their appointments ahead of time to minimize crowds & aid observance of social distancing. Book your slot at booktitan.as.me.

// For confirmed bookings, present your booking confirmation to our store staff within your given time slot.

// Customers can only book a maximum of 1 slot per day. If multiple bookings are made, all succeeding bookings after the first appointment of that day will be cancelled.

// Scheduled time slots are for strict compliance.

// Customers may be required to show government issued photo identification cards before entry to authenticate bookings.

// Titan reserves the right to implement measures strictly and suspend an individual's Acuity booking privileges due to, but not limited to, the following: Misconduct, ignorance of safety protocols, abuse of booking system, reselling behavior.

// To ensure the authenticity of each booking, entries made using multiple accounts by one individual are restricted.

// Scheduled appointments cannot be sold, transferred or assigned entry to another person.

// 3 consecutive booking cancelations made by the client is considered abuse of booking system.

// If a customer does not show up on his/her scheduled appointment for more than 3 times, booking privileges will be suspended temporarily.

// Maximum of 2 bookings per customer can only be made per week.

// Titan reserves the right to implement measures strictly. If a customer does not show up on his/her scheduled appointment for more than 3 times, booking privileges will be suspended temporarily.



// Walk-in access may be temporarily suspended on specific days without prior notice.



// Customers are required to wear both face mask and face shield to enter the store. No face mask and face shield, no entry.

// Customers will have their temperatures checked with a contactless thermometer upon entry.

// Customers with a temperature of 37.5°C will not be allowed to enter the store and will be guided to the building clinic.

// Customers are advised to sanitize upon entry.

// To further emphasize our safety protocols, customers who are either COVID+, have been exposed to a COVID+ individual in the past 2 weeks, or is observing quarantine period due to exposure or post-travel will not be permitted to book and subsequently enter any TITAN store.



// Maximum number of customers are pre-determined and must be followed at any given time.

// People inside the store must maintain at least 4 feet distance apart from each other.



// Observing proper hygiene practices is highly encouraged.

// Sanitization products will be made available for customers to use.

// Contactless payment will be encouraged to minimize unnecessary physical interactions.

// Store staff members will have the authority to ask customers to exit the store if they don’t follow the guidelines implemented.

// Customers are requested to exit the store once they are finished browsing or transacting their purchases so as to let others enter. Loitering inside the store will not be allowed.

// Fitting rooms will be closed to the public until further notice.

Titan aims to continuously improve our services, the company reserves the right to take action against confirmed and suspected resellers which include, but are not limited to the following:

    • // Restriction of Sales
    • // Banned from Raffles/Activations
    • Disclaimer: Subject to change without prior notice.